The Embermine Ecosystem

Read below about the projects currently under the Embermine umbrella.


TokenVerse and the TokenVerse Syndication Network are projects intended on creating access points to high quality information and reliable news regarding today’s evolving and advancing technologies.

Starting with the TokenVerse website itself, visitors are provided with a consistent source of information to both educate and develop their knowledge as they generate informed opinions on the implications of these technologies and their impact upon both our business and personal lives. By vetting and connecting other sources of information, news, and editorial content into a syndication network, streams of consumer or community-defined content can be meshed with feature pieces designed to reach larger audiences.

This follows a similar formula of the development of the national television networks. Regional affiliates in these networks use the daily structured ad, news, and entertainment content delivered by the global provider to provide a general foundation while serving their “local” consumers with content and news developed and targeted to them, while contributing it to the whole network as part of the global content stream available to anyone.


Originally conceived by experienced domain name broker Ryan Colby as a more liquid, secondary marketplace for domain names, talks with Embermine CEO James Drake eventually resulted in an acquisition and an expansion upon the initial idea.

Rather than focusing entirely on the familiar name space of well-established DNS, Domain Token provides a user-managed name assignment application that can allow a User to assign, or “activate,” a Domain Token (DOM) to resolve to an existing address in a communication/connection protocol such as DNS, email address, digital wallet, or cloud storage. The linkages between various domains are verified if the intangible asset in question, such as a keypair wallet or a domain, are in fact owned by the individual; for example, only the true owner of can activate a Domain Token for This application will be readily available to Embermine Entities so they can manage their domain assets for themselves or their projects.

The purpose of this is to give individuals more granular control over their domains across a variety of protocols.


Slipstream consists of two versions: Slipstream Ethereum and Slipstream Techne. The Ethereum version is an application that allows one to distribute a large amount of a specific token to holders of a particular token at proportionate or static rates, within the Ethereum ecosystem. This would be useful for projects seeking to distribute their token through a network of their choice rather than hold a token sale.

This can also be useful for anyone wanted to send many consecutive transactions to a certain list of addresses without manually initiating each transaction. The cost of using the Slipstream Etherum application is denominated in the token, SLIP.

Slipstream Techne is how creatives will be able to distribute their products to market using certain products as a rail. This granular distribution method can be used by projects to more directly reach their target market or renew interest in their previous work. This is how the distributed patronage system operates.


Xandria is a decentralized knowledge base. This means that there is no central foundation or authority that maintains it. An entry in Xandria begins at a root and branches off as edits or additional content is applied (commits). To add to a particular branch, there is a cost of Knowledge Token (KNOW). Since this is a distributed structure, a version history of revisions is maintained that is censorship-free and available to search.

A Xandria browser plugin has been discussed in which web content across participating sites can be annotated by users, layering the application over existing sites of information on the web.


This project is a forum in which individuals can post ideas, which cost IDEA tokens to participate in the discussion. This is to eliminate spam and provide a metric of activity and interest around certain threads and topics. This is an example of a relatively simple project that uses crypto-asset tokens in a community environment.

The idea is that the meeting of minds can produce incredible endeavors and all manner of interesting projects. Books. Movies. Games. Software. Bitcoin was announced and discussed on a cryptography mailing list before launch. While there is no direct connection between Idea Token and Embermine, the former could very well be the site of the discussions that lead to projects on the latter.